Techno with a Twist on Saturday, February 1st, featuring Hollen, Linus and Terrakroma in DTLA.

By EH.LA (other events)

Sat, Feb 1 2020 10:00 PM Sun, Feb 2 2020 6:00 AM

'Techno with a Twist' 
is the new collaboration between Terrakroma and PANIC.

For our first event we are teaming up with our good friends at 6AM to bring you one of the best Techno artists working today...

The Mighty... Hollen!

Limited $15 and $20 Pre-Sale Tickets Available.


Hollen's funked up rhythmical jams bring a unifying intensity to dance floors all over the world. His tracks have been played at many of our PANIC events over the last two years, so it is a genuine thrill to have him kick off our series of 6 'Techno with a Twist' events in 2020.

Joining him in the main room is PANIC founder and prime time pounder, LINUS along with the sonic grooves of the Terrakroma presidents, Bellhop and Armando Kroma.

6AM's Jonny Maven rounds out the bombastic vibes of the main room!

For this series of events we are adding a second room called 'The Rabbit Hole'. It will feature trippy music in an even trippier environment located somewhere in our labyrinth-like warehouse. Do you dare take a trip into... The Rabbit Hole.


**This is a PRIVATE EVENT - Email Addresses will be checked for verification**



No Bags Larger than 8" wide x 10" long